ISSN 1849-9031 (Online)

ISSN 1849-8922    (Print)

Effect of statin therapy on cancer incidence.
Marko Skelin, Eugen Javor, Vesna Pavlica, Ljubica Pavela, Marina Matković, Robert Šeparović.


Statins, as lipid lowering agents have a well-established role in the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular (CV) events. They are one of the most prescribed medicines worldwide. Lipidlowering drugs have been implicated in rodent carcinogenicity and concerns about the same effect in humans have been raised. Low plasma cholesterol levels has been associated with an increased risk of cancer and a possible reason for this observation could be related to the presence subclinical disease, where subclinical disease lowered cholesterol levels for years before cancer surfaced clinically. Many papers have discussed the possible mechanisms leading to the increased cancer incidence in statin users, but the results have been controversial and inconclusive. The aim of this paper is to present and evaluate the latest evidence regarding statin use on cancer incidence.