ISSN 1849-9031 (Online)

ISSN 1849-8922    (Print)

Vulvar Merkel Cell Carcinoma – Case Report.
Dražan Butorac, Ivka Djaković, Ivan Kruljac, Krunoslav Kuna.


Merkel cell carcinoma is a rare neuroendocrine tumour. Predisposing factors for its development are age, immunosuppression, ultraviolet light exposure, and exposure to the polyoma virus. It is usually localized in the head region, neck, and extremities. Primary neuroendocrine tumours of the vulva are extremely rare and so far there have been only 20 cases reported in the English language literature. Tumors at this location have a more aggressive clinical course than neuroendocrine tumours at other sites. The majority of patients present with metastases in regional lymph nodes at the time of diagnosis. Due to the low incidence there is no algorithm for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. We present a case of a 79-year-old patient with a primary vulvar neuroendocrine tumor with metastases in the regional lymph nodes. Diagnostic and therapeutic measures are described.