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Aims and scope

Endocrine Oncology and Metabolism (EOM) is an open-access, non-profit and peer-reviewed scientific journal. EOM is founded by the Croatian society for endocrine oncology and is the official journal of several endocrine societies in eastern European. Published in the English language and contains high-quality original articles, short reports and comprehensive reviews. This journal presents the latest research findings in endocrine oncology, including tumors of hormone secreting glands, as well as neuroendocrine tumors. Endocrine Oncology and Metabolism also encompasses studies in obesity, diabetes, lipidemias and metabolic syndrome. Each issue provides new developments in the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of endocrine malignancies and metabolic disorders.

Endocrine Oncology and Metabolism is the official journal of:

Croatian society for endocrine oncology

President: Prof. Milan Vrkljan, University Hospital Center Sestre milosrdnice, Vinogradska cesta 29, Zagreb, Croatia. E-mail:

Croatian society of endocrinology

President: Professor Zeljka Orlic Department of Endocrinology KBC Rijeka RIJEKA 51000 Croatia. E-mail:

Czech Endocrine Society

President: Prof. Michal Kršek, 3rd Dept. of Medicine, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, U Nemocnice 1, 128 08 Prague, Czech Republic. E-mail:

Hungarian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism

President: Professor Endre Nagy Division of Endocrinology University of Debrecen Medical and Health Science Center Nagyerdei krt 98, Debrecen 4032, Hungary. E-mail:

Macedonian Scientific Association of Endocrinologists and Diabetologists

President: Professor Tatjana Milenkovic Clinic of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metaboliam University Clinical Centre Vodnjanska 17, Skopje 1000, Macedonia. E-mail:

Society for Obesity of Bosnia and Hercegovina

President: Assistant professor Fuad Pašić, Department of Surgery, University Hospital Center Tuzla, Trnovac bb, 75000 Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. E-mail:

The Endocrine Association of Montenegro

Dr Olivera Boskovic The Endocrine Association of Montenegro Jovana Cetkovica No 2 PODGORICA 20000 Montenegro. E-mail:

Presidents of all societies gave have signed the agreement in which they confirmed that EOM is the official journal of their society.

Editorial and publishing policies

General considerations

EOM is the official journal of endocrine societies of several eastern European countries. However, we welcome high-quality articles from all around the globe.

Manuscripts are published in English language only. All submitted manuscripts are given equal consideration, irrespective of the country they originate from, as long as the following main criteria are met:

  • A manuscript is written and prepared according to the Journal’s Instructions for authors.
  • A manuscript is within the scope of the Journal.

Throughout the entire editorial process, EOM follows the best practice guidelines given by the Committee on publication ethics (COPE) (available at: and Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly work in Medical Journals by International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) (available at: EOM is a member of COPE and ICMJE from February 2017. 

Editorial process

The Journal has regional editors and Editor-in-Chief. Editor-in-Chief has full authority over the whole editorial process and also decision making responsibility. However, each regional editor has the right to supervise the whole editorial process and to make final decision for all papers submitted from their native country.

The manuscripts that do not meet the main criteria listed in the Instructions for authors are returned to authors before the editor is assigned. Contributions that qualify for further consideration are sent for peer-review. The Journal’s editorial team is obligated to make first decision within four weeks. Criteria for acceptance include originality, validity of data, clarity of writing, strength of the conclusions, and potential importance of the work to the field described in aims and scope.

Peer-review process

Manuscripts that meet the scope of the Journal and follow instructions for authors are sent for open peer-review.  All manuscripts are reviewed by at least two peer-reviewers.  Each author may suggest up to three reviewers during online submission process and also point out reviewers that he wishes to avoid. Editors are not obliged to follow author’s suggestions and final choice of reviewers is made according to the manuscripts subject. Each manuscript is reviewed by an external statistical advisor.

The reviewers submit their reports on the manuscripts along with their recommendation of one of the following actions to the Editor:

  • Accept submission (Publish Unaltered)
  • Revisions required (Consider after Minor Changes)
  • Resubmit for review (Consider after Major Changes)
  • Decline submission (Reject)

Authors must respond to decision within 4 weeks for minor revision and 2 months in case of major revision. If you think you are unable to meet the deadline, please notify the Editorial Office.

All manuscripts submitted by the editors or members of the editorial board are considered and processed the same way as all other manuscripts received by the Journal and according to ethical standards for good editorial practice (available at: In order to assure impartial decision making and avoid potential conflict of interest, author of such manuscript is excluded from any editorial handling of the manuscript (review, editing and final decision).

Plagiarism Policy

Editorial board of EOM strongly promotes research integrity and aims to prevent any type of scientific misconduct, such as fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, redundant publication, and authorship problems. Plagiarism and self-plagiarism are not allowed and they will be dealt with according to the COPE guidelines ( Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement is based on the “Codes of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines” developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) (

Copyright and publication license

The authors must guarantee that all copyrights to the manuscript are transferred to EOM after the acceptance. Publisher (V.B.Z.) has the right to reproduce and distribute the article in printed and electronic form without asking permission from authors. All manuscripts published on line are subject to Creative Commons license in order to prohibit the improper use of published material. For commercial use no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the Publisher. For non-commercial use, with a proper citation, any part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the Publisher. Complete legal background of license is available at:

Author processing charges

Currently, all papers will be published as open access with no charge to the authors. Thus, there are no article processing charges nor submission fees.  Articles are freely available to both subscribers and the wider public with permitted reuse. Permitted third party (re)use is defined by the following Creative Commons user licenses: Creative Commons Attribution CC BY-NC. 

Journal income

EOM is an open access journal and all its content is free and available at Journal’s webpage. Currently, all costs of maintenance and publishing are covered from advertisement income. All editorial work and peer-review are maintained voluntarily.

Publication Frequency

EOM is published regularly four times per year: in March, June, September and December. Additionally, supplement issues may be published upon Editorial board decision. All articles are published advanced online upon the acceptance of the manuscript.


All articles (both accepted and rejected) are archived within our online submission system. Articles published in EOM are preserved in National and university library in Zagreb (


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Contact information

Mailing Address

Association Endocrine Oncology and Metabolism

Gradišćanska ulica 32, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Principal Contact

Ivan Kruljac, MD

Support Contact

Ivan Kruljac, MD

Ms Marija Bošnjak


Information for advertisers

EOM welcomes advertisements in the print version of the manuscript. Dimension of the advertisement should be 210×280 mm. Advertisement in the print version also includes a banner on our website visible for the next three months. For details and prices please send the enquiry to Editorial office:

Subscriptions to print issue

Subscriptions are available for individuals and institutions. Annual subscription includes four printed issues and supplements (if any). The prices do not include postal services.

Individual subscription price: 100 EUR.

Institutional subscription price: 200 EUR.

Subscription enquiries should be e-mailed to Editorial office: